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A comprehensive range of waste compaction equipment

Tradition and Experience

We have been manufacturing recycling technology for 15 years. We represent BartonTech on the European markets. Thanks to long tradition and experience in the field, we deliver across Europe.

Professional approach

We will design a solution to suit your needs. Whether waste management is your primary business or not or you are interested just in financial savings within your company.

Quality and pricing policy

We pay attention to the quality of input materials as well as the resulting product. We provide international certificates and guarantees. Our pricing policy is open to end customers.
how we can help

We are supplying and supporting a wide range of vertical and horizontal balers in an excellent quality and affordable price. We will help you choose the device exactly according to your ideas, requirements, and needs.

why choose us

We represent one of the largest companies in the industry. We deliver to the European market. Whether you're a smaller business owner or a large waste management company, we can design a cost-effective solution right for you.

Waste compaction equipment

  • Financial savings
    Financial savings
    Storing cartons and plastics, processing them and frequent removal means the financial cost for your business. Compaction technology will, on the contrary, help you eliminate these costs and achieve financial savings. You won't need to pay for waste picku
  • Shop, Supermarket, Restaurant
    Shop, Supermarket, Restaurant
    Vertical hydraulic baler 50Plus or macfab would be suitable for your needs. These machines are easy to operate. The 4-ton pressing force ensures optimal use.
  • Hotel, Hospital
    Hotel, Hospital
    Waste compaction balers are the most suitable equipment you need to deal with the waste. The vertical hydraulic balers would fit your needs.
  • Yard waste collection
    Yard waste collection
    For larger volumes of waste, use a wide range of horizontal balers from 400Plus to 800Max.
Reduce your business waste costs up to 90%
Solutions for collecting yards, waste processors as well as small business owners