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WHY INVEST IN waste compaction EQUIPMENT?

At present, more and more companies are interested in efficient waste management. This can be achieved, among other things, by investing in a press equipment. This type of machine compacts waste from cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, PET bottles, municipal and hazardous materials, etc. It greatly facilitates the transport of compressed materials and helps maintain neatness and hygiene in your workplace.

Investing in the press allows you to reduce waste transport costs, workforce costs, improve worker safety, reduce waste in landfills, etc.

The most effective solution is to place a press on the site where the waste is directly generated. The traditional way of processing waste directly at the source is usually carried out by a number of manual operations, such as folding and transporting the carton. Devices such as presses, on the other hand, require only the placement of suitable waste in the chamber and removal of compressed packages. This solution saves both your time and money.

Recyclable waste such as PET bottles, plastic, and paper is often poorly stored, which leads up to 75% of its volume being air. Waste treatment will reduce the total cost of operation and save storage space.

This type of device is used in every business sector.

Vertical balers

Vertical balers serve to process waste (paper, plastic, etc.). Their design is an ideal solution for smaller companies that do not directly deal with waste treatment but have limited space.

These devices are easy to operate and have an affordable price.

other machines

From PET bottle perforators to polystyrene waste machines.

refurbished machines

We are working on it. Stay tuned. Do not hesitate to contact us if interested.

Reduce your business waste costs up to 90%
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